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BCM Plan Testing ISO 23001

BCM Plan Testing ISO 23001

Testing business continuity (BC) plans is vitally important as a means of verifying the effectiveness of strategies aimed at ensuring an organisation can withstand and recover from challenging situations and potential disasters.


The creation of documentation that outlines organisational structures, decision making processes, detailed procedures and communication flows is a crucial foundation in the context of Business Continuity Management (BCM). But it is only by testing the plans that are put in place that their real value and validity for an organisation can be properly assessed.



Proper procedures


In order to test business continuity plans properly and in ways that make a difference to an organisation’s overall approach to BCM, it is necessary for intense testing to be carried occasionally by impartial third parties.


It is then possible for objective assessments on the reliability of BC plans to be made and for any failings in terms of communications or sequence of event plans to be highlighted and addressed.


Striking the right balance


Balancing a testing regime with the challenge of delivering objective measurements and findings is not easy for any organisation, particularly when personnel involvement issues are added to the equation.

BCM London has very extensive experience of supporting organisations in their use of testing in pursuit of increasingly robust and reliable business continuity plans and strategies.


We can advise clients in any field based anywhere in London on how to approach the issue of BC testing and how to achieve assurances as necessary.

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