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Scenario Training

Scenario Training For Decision Makers

When situations arise in which Business Continuity Management (BCM) plans and leadership capabilities are tested, there is a great deal of scope for poor decisions to have a significant impact on how events unfold.


Even well-trained professionals and experts in issues relating to BCM can find themselves making unwise choices at key moments in ways that make a very tangible difference to the organisations they work for or represent.


Scenario training can be an important means of helping an organisation and its key members of staff and BCM team be better prepared for the realities of what they’ll face in a real disaster recovery situation.


Limiting the impact of human error


It is an unfortunate reality that human errors can be costly for organisations of any kind when events occur that disrupt their everyday operations.

In fact, it is not unusual for individual decision makers within an organisation or a business to make choices that serve only to make a challenging situation much worse.

Scenario training helps individuals in important decision making positions to avoid a sense of panic and remain calm in ways that can be the difference between solving a problem and seeing it become a full-blown crisis.


BCM London workshops


At BCM London we have been able to build on a background in crisis management in the aviation industry to develop scenario training methods of the highest calibre.


We operate regular workshops geared specifically towards helping decision makers and BCM professionals avoid making costly mistakes and to keep a cool head when it really matters.


Part of our workshops service involves the recreation of real world disaster recovery events that have impacted London in the past. The aim here is to allow organisations to learn from mistakes made in the past so they can avoid them in the future.


We can also re-enact the kind of meetings that the UK Government’s COBRA committee would conduct in response to specific crisis situations and disaster recovery scenarios.

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