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Crisis Controllers

Crisis Controllers


When an incident occurs that impacts a business significantly and disrupts the way it normally operates it can be extremely difficult for the organisation and the individuals affected to prioritise in an optimal fashion.


In these situations it can also be challenging for communications to be properly maintained and for resources to be deployed in precisely the right manner at key moments.


All of which is why BCM London offers our client organisations access to Crisis Controllers, who can handle a number of key elements involved in incident recovery procedures and business continuity management.


Overcoming problems in a crisis


The intricacies of management hierarchies can lead to indecision in the context of a crisis or a business-impacting event of any sort. In these scenarios, time is of the essence and so it’s crucial that decisions are taken quickly in the best interests of all concerned.

Because BCM London’s Crisis Controllers have a great deal of experience in these scenarios they are well-placed to provide the kind of support and guidance that all members of an organisation might need.


The result of which is that planned business continuity strategies can be implemented as intended and the potential damage done in crisis situations can be limited and specific problems overcome with maximum efficiency.


Communication is key


Key to the value of Crisis Controllers is their ability to communicate with real clarity and purpose at times when people working within an organisation in crisis might understandably struggle to do so. 

Our crisis controllers can deliver concise, timely status updates where they are needed most and help line management and BCM team members to focus on the right priorities as recovery efforts are coordinated.

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