Staff Training

Staff Training
Protect your People

Business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies of all kinds often relate directly to the members of a workforce and it is critical that their safety and wellbeing is considered carefully in these contexts.


At BCM London we understand that your people are you biggest asset and we can help ensure their safety and preparedness in a full range of BCM and DR situations.


We work with security specialists and BCM professionals across London to raise awareness and provide guidance and training in relation to life threatening scenarios that can happen at any time.


BCM London can help you prepare for:


Earthquakes – If your business is based in London then earthquakes might not be high on your list of worries but there are dozens of quakes every year in the UK and you never know when one might impact your operations.


Fires – Virtually every organisation and employer in London conducts fire drills to prepare the members of their workforce for what to do in case of a fire.


But would you be able to evacuate your premises safely if power supplies were down and exits were blocked? We can make sure that you can.


Terrorism – Do your staff know what they should do in the event of a terrorist attack in their workplace? Have they been advised on how to react if firearms are being used in their vicinity?


We can make sure that the members of your workforce are as prepared as they can be for whatever might come their way through our tried and tested BCM training methods.

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