Data Center Recovery

Data Center Recovery

Data centres are becoming increasingly fundamental to the operations of more and more companies, organisations and institutions in London and around the world.


Even a few years ago it was only the very largest or most essential operators that needed to or could justify ensuring round-the-clock access to full data centre recovery services.


Today though this kind of recovery service is much more widely available and BCM London can meet all your data centre recovery needs whatever scale you operate on here in the capital.


Tailored to your needs


Every organisation and every data centre is different and it is important for recovery experts working in these contexts to understand the precise needs of a given situation.


At BCM London we tailor our data centre recovery services to the needs of individual clients and take the time to get to know their core requirements, their data centre infrastructures and the particular challenges they face.


An integrated approach


Because BCM London has a broad range of business continuity services and expertise, we are able to integrate data centre recovery services into a broader BCM strategy.


So we can help provide assurances whatever the scale of your data centre and whatever your priorities are from a business continuity and disaster recovery perspective.


We understand that data centres are now absolutely integral to so much of what goes on within organisations on any scale and in any industry.


Cloud Based Services


At BCM London we can take care of script configurations, maintenance efforts and testing of data centre recovery procedures to the very highest standards.


Our use of cloud-based services and a multi-supplier MPLS grid across London means we can keep you connected and your data secure at all times and in case of any eventuality.  

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