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Situational Awareness for Business Resiliency and Emergencies

Some of our feeds

S.A.B.R.E monitors thousands of feeds from hundreds of agencies and analysis' them. Using mathematical models and heuristics it calculates using big data analytic techniques.


This data is used to alert companies of a specific threat. It also gives you at a glance a profile of your company. The more information you give us the more accurate our model is.


The background for SABRE comes from the airline industry, the safest mode of transport. But when disaster strikes, it is not usually  because of one single event but an unrelated sequence of events. This is what pilots call 'Situational Awareness'.


By warning you earlier you get the competitive edge by invoking your disaster plan faster than your competitors. Remember disaster recovery space in London is small. If you don’t book it first you won't get it.


We monitor feeds and data from Government Authorities , Police, Disease Control , Thames Flood Barrier, realtime cyber attacks to name a few.


You can get access to S.A.B.R.E by subscribing to our annual BCM health check. Watch our Video.

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