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Mission Critical Power

Mission Critical Power

It would be difficult to overstate just how important power supplies are from a business continuity perspective to organisations of all sorts and sizes in London and throughout the UK.


This is increasingly the case because more and more organisations, enterprises and service providers have established technology, of one sort or another, at the very heart of their operations.


By now, a great many businesses across London count various technologies as being absolutely essential to their work and continuity, which in turn makes power supplies vitally important.


Benefits of working with BCM London


We at BCM London have been able to establish a series of strategic alliances that mean we can help ensure that your power supplies as a business offer better value and more reliability.


We offer:


  • Power surveys and assessments – so you’ll know how reliable your power supplies really are

  • Access to emergency generator supplies and associated maintenance services

  • Refuelling contracts negotiated on your behalf

  • Project management of testing procedures relating to power down scenarios Black Building Tests)

  • Monitoring and maintenance of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions


Power costs


Because power supplies are so critical to the operations of organisations and businesses across London, we’ve made it a part of our service to help our clients secure the most reliable power supplies around.


That service also covers negotiations on price and BCM London can now save our clients considerable amounts of money each year on their energy supply bills.


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