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BCM Plan Testing ISO 23001
Scenario Training
Bad Luck or Bad Decisions ?

Testing business continuity (BC) plans is vitally important as a means of verifying the effectiveness of strategies aimed at ensuring an organisation can withstand and recover from challenging situations and potential disasters.


The creation of documentation that outlines organisational structures, decision making processes, detailed procedures and communication flows is a crucial foundation in the context of Business Continuity Management (BCM). But it is only by testing the plans that are put in place that their real value and validity for an organisation can be properly assessed.




When situations arise in which Business Continuity Management (BCM) plans and leadership capabilities are tested, there is a great deal of scope for poor decisions to have a significant impact on how events unfold.


Even well-trained professionals and experts in issues relating to BCM can find themselves making unwise choices at key moments in ways that make a very tangible difference to the organisations they work for or represent.


Scenario training can be an important means of helping an organisation and its key members of staff and BCM team be better prepared for the realities of what they’ll face in a real disaster recovery situation.

ISO 27001

Our services cover the implementation of the recognized information security standard ISO 27001, as well as the preparation for a certification audit. We review the relevant documentation and, if necessary, we help to amend or improve it.


We give you support with the identification of risks and help you develop your risk assessment methodology.


We can also organize for you the certification audit itself. In co-operation with you we prepare a statement of applicability for the ISO 27001 standard


Organizations are growing increasingly sensitive to the potential financial and reputational risks associated with using service providers. Now, more than ever, customers, regulators, and business partners want to know that their data is being properly protected by their service providers.

The need for such knowledge about data security has placed a growing burden on the service providers themselves, and many are now investing significant time and resources towards responding to the various independent attestation requests they receive from their customers.

However, with SOC 2+® reporting, service providers can now take a more efficient approach that can deliver improved customer confidence and potentially reduce costs.

Mission Critical Power
Crisis Controllers

It would be difficult to overstate just how important power supplies are from a business continuity perspective to organisations of all sorts and sizes in London and throughout the UK.


This is increasingly the case because more and more organisations, enterprises and service providers have established technology, of one sort or another, at the very heart of their operations.


By now, a great many businesses across London count various technologies as being absolutely essential to their work and continuity, which in turn makes power supplies vitally important.

When an incident occurs that impacts a business significantly and disrupts the way it normally operates it can be extremely difficult for the organisation and the individuals affected to prioritise in an optimal fashion.


In these situations it can also be challenging for communications to be properly maintained and for resources to be deployed in precisely the right manner at key moments.


All of which is why BCM London offers our client organisations access to Crisis Controllers, who can handle a number of key elements involved in incident recovery procedures and business continuity management.

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